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FC Dallas-EC Development Academy

Fall 2022 Tryouts

The following year groups will be eligible for the Development Academy in Fall 2022:
U9 Academy

U6 Academy

Tryouts for the Fall 2022 season will be conducted at Twin Oaks Park on Field #1 and Field #2 (southeast end of complex, accessible from south gravel parking lot off College Blvd).

Supplemental tryouts will be conducted:
Monday, 01 Aug, 5pm (U9 Academy and U6 Academy)
Wednesday, 03 Aug, 5pm (U9 Academy)
Friday, 05 Aug, 5:30pm (U9 Academy and U6 Academy)

All players (new and returning) must register for tryouts to attend.
Link to tryout registration:

Registration for tryouts is free and is mandatory in order to participate in tryouts.  The above link works for U6 and U9 Academies.

Registration fee (paid once per soccer year):  $125
Fall season fee (U6):    $125 (2017 and 2018 players)
Fall season fee (U9):    $150 (2014, 2015, 2016 players)
Spring season fees:      $125 (2017 and 2018 players)
                                                 $150 (2015 and 2016 players)
                                                 $200 (2014 players)

What do we do?
Academy training with 4v4 games on Friday nights.

Why do we do it this way?
The 4v4 system accelerates development of technical ability and game intelligence.  Small pictures are clearer for children; space and options are more compatible with their abilities. 4v4 is the smallest sided game you can have that has all the elements of a real soccer match without any of the confusions that surround learning to play soccer.  In a real soccer match children have the option of passing the ball forwards, square or backwards. Three children cannot do this because one of the directions will be missing. With five children the extra one duplicates one of the elements. She becomes “also wide, also deep or also back.” This “also” position clutters the picture.

What are our objectives?

  • Move the focus away from the team and onto the individual player
  • Develop improved skills with the ball
  •     Improve confidence and comfort
  • Develop intelligence with and without the ball
    •     Promote faster decisions and better awareness
  • Develop partnerships within the team
  • Provide an age appropriate environment
  • Incorporate players and families into the FC Dallas-EC family
  • Indoctrinate new coaches into FC Dallas-EC family and mentality


  • Flexible practice options
  • Flexible game options
  • Fall season will have 4v4 “Friday Night Lights” (FNL)
  • Spring season will have 4v4 games and 7v7 games
  • Focus on footwork
  • Focus on fun
  • Heavy utilization of Play-Practice-Play format
  • Challenge players based on developmental level and comfort level, not age or parent’s desires


Fall (all ages):  blue FCDEC practice shirt, red FCDEC shorts, red socks

-->U5 and U6, same as fall
-->U7 and U8, same as fall
-->U9 (7v7) also need FCDEC gray jersey

Fall Schedule:
Monday 5pm, Wednesday 5pm, Friday 5:30pm
(2) 4v4 Open Series events (Sep, Oct)

Spring Schedule:
Monday 5pm, Wednesday 5pm, Friday 5:30pm
(7v7) Saturdays STARS League games (times TBD)
(3) 4v4 Open Tournament Series events (Mar, Apr, May)
(7v7) Emerald Coast Cup (ECC) Apr-29-30, 2023


What is Academy style training?

Academy style training, according to United States Youth Soccer, is training players in an “Education First” environment by following the same curriculum for all players involved.  This creates a culture within the club which can be duplicated with each new generation of players.  This starts in the Development Academy by creating a professional environment.  Steps to create this include:

  •     Coaching staff creation of a season-long training plan for the skills that are necessary in young players to allow them to have a higher probability of success in the future.
  •     Coaching staff setting season goals for each player, which get analyzed with them at the completion of the season.
  •     Coaching staff creating weekly training sessions that adhere to the season long training plan.  These training sessions consist of 3-4 training stations, each facilitated by a licensed coach.  Players rotate between stations every 20 minutes.
  •       This rotation helps keep the young players engaged and gives them a new setting every 20 minutes.  Training groups are kept smaller by training three different groups concurrently, one at each station.  
  •     Players are distributed into groups at the beginning of the training session, not based on age but based on ability, physical development, work rate, and potentially the mood of the player on that given day.  Groups are not predetermined and can change between training sessions and even during a training session.

What are the Player Development Initiatives?

The Player Development Initiatives (PDIs) are US Soccer's guidance and recommendations to improve the approach and methodology of soccer player development in the United States.  They were written in 2016 and amended in 2017.  Age divisions and small-sided formats are standardized by the PDIs.

What is Fun Integration Theory?

Fun Integration theory is a scientific study of a common-sense concept, namely that when people enjoy something, they tend to do it more, and when they do it more, they tend to get better at it.  As one improves at something, one tends to enjoy it more, completing a self-reinforcing cycle.

Putting it all together

The FC Dallas-EC Development Academy combines academy style training with the recommendations of the PDIs and incorporates Fun Integration Theory.

More information about academy style training from USYS can be found here.

More information about the PDIs can be found here.

More information about Fun Integration Theory can be found here.



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